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Guild Wars Paintball

Location: Hell Survivors Paintball

Address: 619 Pearl St, Pinckney, MI 48169

Cost: $75 per participant entry fee (entry fee and rental), additional paint optional

Date and time: April 9th, 10am - 2pm


Click here to fill out an application.


Click here for adventure.

Test your mettle in the garishly colored crucible of paint-battle.

Join fellow guild members for a fun and challenging day of tactical paintball scenario games.

Gamemaster and Adventureman Jerren Osmar will be designing scenarios for the group to play over the course of six hours.

Scenario paintball is a blanket term covering a wide variety of immersive narrative games designed to test the players' strategic thinking, athletic prowess, and skill. Games range in complexity from simple ‘Take and Hold’ to more complex missions such as ‘VIP Escort’ or ‘Zombie Uprising’.

Rental equipment is included in your entry fee, but feel free to bring your own as well. This will be more of a military sim-style event, so dress the part if you can. Paint is sold separately and the field is a “field paint only” field, so you have to buy it from them.

Ticket purchases may only be made in the Guild Market by existing Guild Members; however, this event is open for you to bring guests you think may be interested in joining the Guild. If you got a buddy or two that you think would benefit from being a member of our organization then this is a chance for them to meet some members and have some fun at the same time. Just remember if you bring a guest this means you vouch for them and they are your responsibility.

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