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The Adventureman's Guild is a private men's only organization for those that self-identify as Male and wish to improve what it means to be a man and redefine healthy masculinity.


Our purpose is to help men find the path to becoming a confident and capable man. A man that would be respectful and be respected. A man that is daring yet humble. 

We are building the foundation of a fraternity and brotherhood for men that wish to learn the skills and mindset required to be a Gentleman of Adventure: 

The fortitude and knowledge to prevail in the face of adversity, how to carry oneself and be self-reliant even when working with a team, how to lead, and more importantly how to collaborate. We seek men from all walks of life and all spectrums of the social, political, and ethnic strata. We strive to create a place where differences in opinion and lifestyle are celebrated.  We encourage civil discourse even where men realize they may never see eye to eye. 


"It is the journey, not the destination."

Become a man who approaches every situation with careful thought and skill but does not shy from adventure. 

Much of what we offer is training in self-reliance, skill, and character development through participation in a wide range of outdoor activities and educational programs. The Guild provides the stability and consistency required for one to have a successful life through the camaraderie and friendships forged within. The Guild is much more than a men's club. It is a support network for every member to rely on one another. To be accountable to one another and be there when your brother needs you.

Each guild member takes an oath to incorporate these traits in his life to become a man who embodies what it means to be a gentleman of adventure. 

    I am a man of my word and am not swayed by peer pressure or popular opinion. I will take responsibility for my actions and will choose to do the right thing, even when it’s hard. The man I am at work is the same person you will encounter in the community and in my home. 

    I know the value of what I bring to the table. I seek competence, not perfection. My body language and commanding personal presence identify me as a leader. I stand upright, walk with purpose, and extend a firm handshake. 

    I am true to myself and have the courage to be imperfect and vulnerable. There is no questioning my ethics or morals as I am honest and trustworthy. I do not allow fears to prevent me from being myself. 

    I constantly prove that chivalry is not dead by valuing all people and treating everyone with respect. From the person who shines my shoes to the CEO, I treat all people with the same respect. I carefully consider how my behavior and words impact others. I am considerate and honor the feelings, opinions, and property of others. 

    I see Humility is a sign of strength, not weakness. A humble life results in contentment, patience, forgiveness, and compassion. Humility offers me complete freedom from the desire to impress, be right, or get ahead. I am modest about my achievements, grounded in my values, and Have nothing to prove to others. 

    I maintain a teachable posture and actively seek new challenges. My intellectual curiosity propels me to constantly better myself and my craft. I am not ashamed to ask for help. 

    I can effortlessly navigate social and professional settings with confidence and proficiency. I am humble and do more listening than talking. I am as comfortable at a casual gathering with friends as I am in the boardroom. I am polite and well-mannered all the time, no matter what the circumstances.  

    I take great pride in my work and strive to give my very best every day. I am reliable, dedicated, self-disciplined,  humble, and a team player. I and lead and be led. Hard work and diligence strengthen my character and individual abilities. 

    I know the benefit of listening to other’s views and being prepared to learn and develop my worldview. I am curious to hear what others think and am able to have my ideas challenged. I do not get angry when I am wrong and have empathy for other people. I believe others have a right to share their beliefs and thoughts. I am able to question not just others, but also myself. I am open to new ideas, accept constructive criticism, and welcomes failure as a  path to growth and self-awareness. 

    I do not let my fears rule me. I embrace the unfamiliar and unknown places. I live in the present and aim to expand my horizons. I recognize opportunities and have the courage to take them.  

Adventure comes to those who seek it. 


Mentoring is a process for the informal transmission of knowledge, social capital, and the psychosocial support relevant to work, career, or professional development. Mentoring has existed as early as Ancient Greek and the word's origin comes from Mentor, son of Alcimus in Homer's Odyssey. Because of Mentor's relationship with Telemachus the personal name Mentor has been adopted as a term meaning someone who imparts wisdom to and shares knowledge with a less-experienced colleague. Mentorship is one of the cornerstones of what Guild membership is built on. Participating in the Mentorship Program as both a Mentee and a Mentor is a requirement within our organization for advancement. Mentorship is a two-way street where we all have things to teach and things to learn from one another. The Mentor Mentee Relationship creates a safe and supportive environment where both can build trust through setting goals and achieving them. This forms meaningful friendships and lifelong bonds.


The Adventureman's Guild is in the early stages of developing our Merit Badge program and are currently creating the handbook. There are several TAG Badges already awarded to members. A Guild Member must learn and demonstrate attributes and abilities in order to earn these achievements.

This is a list of a few Merit Badges included in our program:

  • TAG certification programs

    • Adventure Motorcycling

    • Armed combat

    • Automobile Racing

    • Axe Throwing

    • Beer Brewing

    • Bladesmithing

    • Citizenship and Community

    • Cocktail Crafting and Mixology

    • Cooking and Barbecuing

    • Debate and Civilized Discourse

    • Emergency Preparedness

    • Epic Adventure

    • Ethics and Chivalry

    • Financial Competency

    • Gentlemen’s Style and Leisure

    • Hand to Hand Combat

    • Home Repair

    • Hunting and Game Management

    • International Travel

    • Landscaping

    • Lock Picking

    • Snowmobiling

    • Trailer Towing Skills

We also honor Merits and Certifications from other organizations to be applied toward your advancement in becoming a Master Adventureman.


A few examples of honored achivements:


  • TAG honors all previously earned BSA merit badges

  • TAG honors select industry leader certification systems

    • YMCA Lifeguard

    • NRA Firearm Training

    • CPL

    • Red Cross 

    • PGI Pyrotechnics Training

    • FAA Pilot

    • Naui and Padi Scuba Diving

  • Special Honors for:

    • Military Service

    • Civil Service

    • Captain of industry

    • Master of an art form 

    • Master of sport


Adventure is a bold and sometimes risky undertaking.  Adventure-seekers are known for stepping outside their comfort zones in order to try new things. Be it hiking to higher heights, exploring uncharted territory, or finding a new adrenaline rush, the Adventureman is eager to expand his range of experience. 


Meet new friends or to strengthen your existing friendships. You’ll meet new people and create long lasting relationships with people who you wouldn’t otherwise have met.  Learning about nature in the wild, experiencing new cultures and traditions will give you perspective while expanding and broadening your mind. 


Embarking on an adventure will allow a man to understand his strengths and prove his abilities. Adventure will place you in tough situations and being faced with these challenges will help you gain skills and confidence. If you can survive a good adventure, you can survive anything.

The Adventureman's Guild not only embraces the Spirit of Adventure it is a requirement. Whether it is a Guild Organized Event, Scientific Expedition, or Epic Adventure Travel, we feel it is necessary for a man's wellbeing and health to push their limits.

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