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First Impressions of TURKEY 2021

"If you have never been to Turkey before, knowing what you can expect from Turkey is important so you can better plan your vacation/trips. Turkey was actually one of the highlights of my Euro trip this year. From culture, food, people, scenery, Turkey literally has everything to offer everyone. The main first impression in Turkey that you will get, is that you will probably be shocked/surprised at how cheap it is to travel in Turkey. This makes it perfect for budget travel/backpackers who first time traveling to Europe.

In this video, I reveal all my first impressions of my trip to Turkey. I cover all the first impression aspects of Turkish food ( Turkish cuisine), Turkish people, some social norms of Turkey; culture. and more.

All in all, I wish you find this video helpful to plan out your trip in Turkey either one day trip, short term, or long term travel. By no means am I criticizing the country. I just want to share my thoughts and experiences to help you manage your expectation based on my travel experience in Turkey. I do believe that knowing what you can expect will totally make your trip more amazing as well.

Where is filmed in this travel video? Istanbul, Turkey

Last but not least! I surely believe you will love traveling to Turkey! Have fun if you are planning to travel there! "

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