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The Nomad

“I’m not from here. I’m not from there. I’m from everywhere. And I belong there.”

– Erick Cedeño

Blackburn ambassador Bicycle Nomad, aka Erick Cedeño, is a nomad in the truest sense of the word. Long a traveler, Erick chose the bicycle to satiate his curiosity about the world around him. The bicycle continues to be his medium to inspire others to push themselves and make their world a little smaller.

Filmmaker Brian Vernor spent three days with Erick riding and camping in California’s Los Padres National Forest. This film represents just a small part of Erick's journey.

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In 1975, Jim Blackburn looked at the emerging cycling culture and knew he could make a difference. That meant thinking from the end-user perspective, showing respect for materials and their functionality while offering purpose-built design and innovation. Over the years, Blackburn has adopted and honed those principles to build quality gear that allows people to go further, do more and be better prepared for everyday and extraordinary adventures alike.

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