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Sandboarding Adventure Huacachina Peru

Amazing Huacachina Sandboarding Adventure // Desert Oasis Huacachina Peru

Head to Haucachina to have an amazing Huacachina Sandboarding Adventure in the Desert Oasis of Huacachina.

The Haucachina desert oasis is in Ica Peru. Ica Peru sandboarding at Huacachina desert oasis is starting to gain some fame but it's still not overpopulated. You explore the Haucachina desert oasis in a dune buggy and then hope on a sand dune with a sandboard.

If you like a good sand dune or multiple sand dunes then Haucachina Ica Peru is for you. Every Peru travel guide should feature this sandboarding mecca of South America. You should truly explore Huacachina and this desert oasis.

And if you love a good dune buggy for exploring sand dunes this is one of the things to do in Peru that you should be doing! So grab your sandboard and go explore this desert oasis called Huacachina!

Not sure if there are any other sandboarding spots in South America but you should add this one to your list. It's just a short 4 hour Peru hop on a bus to get there from Lima! Huacachina is an oasis in a desert town with lots of sandboarding on pristine sand dunes.

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