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Intro STICK Welding Workshop


  • Location: Clinton township, Michigan

  • Date: May 21st 10am - 6pm

  • Cost $45 Per Participant

  • Optional Make and Take Rocket Stove Project kit for an additional $65



Learn the basics of STICK welding!

STICK welding is one of the most common forms of arc welding. STICK welding is technically defined as “Shielded Metal Arc Welding”. The term “stick welding” is a common slang term that the welding industry has adopted because the electrode that welds the metal comes in the form of a “Stick”.

If you’re considering learning how to weld, it may seem like a daunting task. There’s a lot of knowledge that goes into the welding process. Purchasing the right equipment is key as well. However, there are a lot of great reasons to get into welding, no matter if you keep it as a part-time hobby or take it on the road as a full-time profession.

Join your fellow Guild Members in learning the basic overview of stick welding terms, common questions, basic equipment, and how STICK welding works.

  • Welder safety

  • Joint preparation

  • Electrode selection

  • Equipment setup

  • Stick welding techniques

  • basic guidelines for different metals

We will supply each participant with the necessary Safety Gear and practice metal to join.

All Participants must wear

  • Long sleeve cotton shirt

  • Cotton pants or any non flammable materials

  • Leather boots or fire proof shoes

Optional Make and Take Rocket Stove Project kit

For Participants that want to take on an extra challenge, you can purchase this additional project and build it during the session and take it home. Kit Cost $65

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