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DANGERWHEEL: Adult Downhill Big Wheel Racing

We here at the Adventureman's Guild have discovered the event known as "DANGERWHEEL". an event that will make your heart race and your inner child rejoice. The wildest adult downhill big wheel racing extravaganza is about to take Pendleton, Ohio, by storm on July 29th. This free-for-all event is a celebration of adrenaline, lunacy, and the pure joy of acting like a daredevil child once more. Produced by a group of neighbors who love to have fun in Pendleton's backyard, DANGERWHEEL is an exhilarating experience and a way to support the beautification project of the Pendleton neighborhood.

DANGERWHEEL is the ultimate playground for adults seeking the thrill of a lifetime. Gather your squad of three - a fearless rider and two gutsy pushers - and prepare for the high-speed madness that awaits. Picture adult-sized Big Wheels, sponsored by Huffy and their iconic Green Machine, as you and 63 other teams go head-to-head in an epic battle for glory. Costumes are highly encouraged, adding to the spectacle.

As the horn blares, the two teams catapult their big wheel drivers down the hill, with only 10 feet to gain momentum. It's a breathtaking downhill dash where the fastest and most fearless reign supreme. The course is a thrilling blend of ramps and obstacles that will test every ounce of your skill and nerve. The race is on, and only the boldest will conquer the course and claim victory.

DANGERWHEEL is more than just a race; it's a full-blown extravaganza that promises non-stop excitement. The gates open at 11:00 a.m., inviting teams to register and check-in. Even if you're not in the driver's seat the event welcomes all to revel in the exhilarating atmosphere. Groove to live music, indulge in tantalizing treats from food trucks and quench your thirst with ice-cold brews. This is the ultimate celebration of high-octane fun.

At 2:00 p.m., the energy reaches its peak as the races ignite. The fearless competitors battle it out. Race after race, round after round, the excitement builds as drivers push their limits, conquering the ever-changing course. And don't be surprised if water balloons fly through the air, courtesy of the lively crowd eager to make each descent even more challenging. Debauchery ensues as race after race runs continuously, eliminating drivers and pushing the winners onto the next ultimately deciding who is the "Danger Champion"

Although the Adventureman's Guild is not associated with DANGERWHEEL, we can't help but admire the spirit of adventure and thrill it embodies. As fellow adventurers, we wholeheartedly endorse events that inspire us to unleash our daring spirits. This is precisely the kind of exhilarating experience we encourage our members to seek. We eagerly await our chance to participate in the future.

DANGERWHEEL, This July 29th, Pendleton, Ohio, will witness the sheer adrenaline and unbridled joy of adult downhill big wheel racing.

Visit the official website, ignite your passion for speed, and bring out the fearless child within.

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